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Date of PublicationTypePieceShow/AuthorMediumWeb Link
2015/07/01 News Article Succeed With Propane  NEFI EXPO  
2014/09/24 TV Appearance Commodity Markets Are Rigged Mike Norman Hard Assets Investor Commodity Markets Are Rigged 
2012/03/03 TV Appearance Sean Cota on CNBC discussing the cost of oil and impact of speculation “Street Signs” Co-Anchor Amanda Drury CNBC Sean Cota on CNBC  
2011/03/08 TV Appearance Speculators Fueling Oil?: The recent surge in oil prices is not supported by fundamentals, according to the Saudi Oil Minister. Insight on who these oil speculators are and where oil would be trading without them, with Sean Cota, New England Fuel Institute president. Erin Burnett "Street Signs"  CNBC CNBC: Speculators Fueling Oil? 
2011/03/07 TV Appearance Speculators Responsible for High Oil Prices: Sean Cota, a heating oil marketer from Bellows Falls Vermont, offers his insight into why the price of crude oil and refined petroleum products is increasing. CBS Evening News with Katie Couric CBSNews Sean Cota on CBS Evening News with Katie Couric 
2011/03/07 TV Appearance Speculators Responsible for High Oil Prices: Sean Cota, a heating oil marketer from Bellows Falls Vermont, offers his insight into why the price of crude oil and refined petroleum products is increasing. CBS Evening News with Katie Couric CBSNews Sean Cota on CBS News 
2010/12/16 TV Appearance Curb Speculation in Commodities? The CFTC is presenting proposals for new trading rules as required by Dodd-Frank, with John Kilduff, Again Capital, and Sean Cota, New England Fuel Institute. Squawk on the Street CNBC Curb Speculation in Commodities? 
2010/10/21 TV Appearance Political Involvement of PMAA NACS 2010 NACS Expo PMAA Interview 
2010/09/01 Magazine Article Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act: What Does it Really Do? Sean Cota Platts Insite Magazine  
2010/07/25 TV Appearance Platts Energy Week 7.25.2010 - Wall St. Reform. Bill Loveless to discuss the impact of the new law on energy markets are Dan Dolan, VP of policy research and communications at the Electric Power Supply Association and Sean Cota, President of Cota Oil. Bill Loveless Platts Energy Week Wall Street Reform 
2010/07/01 Magazine Article Financial Reform: What it means Steve Bennett National Petroleum News  
2010/07/01 Magazine Article Dodd-Frank raises stakes in CFTC's push for energy position limits Staff Risk Magazine Dodd-Frank Raises Stakes 
2010/04/27 Magazine Article OTC reform could strengthen support for energy position limits Staff Risk Magazine OTC Reform 
2010/04/21 Newspaper / On-line Media Fuel Dealers Want Speculator Curbs Bruce Edwards Rutland Herald/Times Argus  
2010/04/21 Newspaper / On-line Media Heating Oil Dealers, Airline Industry Endorse Financial Regulation Michael Hoven  
2010/04/21 Newspaper / On-line Media Hope Rises for Real Financial Reform Harold Meyerson Washington Post  
2010/04/20 Radio Appearance Businesses Differ on Derivative Reform Marketplace w/ Brett Neely American Public Radio  
2010/04/20 Newspaper / On-line Media War of Words Regarding Financial Overhaul David M. Herszenhorn/Edward Wyatt New York Times  
2010/04/09 Newspaper / On-line Media NEFI Past President Serves on Commodities Regulation Panel NEFI NEFI Energy Online News  
2010/04/08 Newspaper / On-line Media EIA Energy Conference: Government mulls commodity regulations Staff Oil & Gas Journal  
2010/04/06 Presenter Financial Energy Commodities Speculation: A Disconnective Effect on the Fundamental Price Discovery Mechanism Sean Cota US Energy Information Administration 2010 Energy Conference  
2010/04/06 Newspaper / On-line Media IntercontinentalExchange: Best in Class Dan Freed TheStreet  
2010/02/21 Newspaper / On-line Media Cantwell's Relentless Pursuit: Taming Big Finance Kyung Song The Seattle Times  
2010/02/05 Newspaper / On-line Media Cota & Cota President Sean Cota, Sen. Maria Cantwell, Advocates Call for End to Reckless Speculation, Rebuild the Real Economy Lauren Weiner/Andrew Ensminger Released on  
2010/02/03 Testimony Prepared Remarks of Sean Cota Sean Cota Press Conference  
2010/02/02 Newspaper / On-line Media ATA to call for greater federal oversight to limit speculation Dorothy Cox The Trucker   
2010/01/24 Newspaper / On-line Media Gas Prices Inch Up From 2009 Low $2 a Gallong Bruce Edwards Times Argus  
2009/11/13 Newspaper / On-line Media NEFI and PMAA Go On Offensive in Support of Trading Reform NEFI NEFI Energy Online News  
2009/11/12 Newspaper / On-line Media Wall Street Turns Heating Oil Dealers Against Financial Reform Jared Killen  
2009/11/11 TV Appearance A Morning Meeting panel debates why the government can’t successfully regulate the insurance industry. Morning Meeting w/ Dylan Ratigan MSNBC Crooked Insurance Still A Problem? 
2009/11/11 Newspaper / On-line Media Wall Street Banks Tricking Little Guys into Lobbying for Them Ryan Grim Huffington Post  
2009/09/29 Newspaper / On-line Media Gov. opens heating benefit Josh O'Gorman Rutland Herald/Times Argus  
2009/09/16 Testimony Testimony, Commodity Futures Trading Commission‚s Energy and Environmental Markets Advisory Committee (EEMAC) at its New York Regional Office Sean Cota CFTC  
2009/07/29 Newspaper / On-line Media Oil Dealers Seek to Curb Speculators Howard Weiss-Tisman Brattleboro Reformer  
2009/07/28 Newspaper / On-line Media CFTC Should Set Trading Limits in Energy Markets, Groups Say Tina Seely Bloomberg CFTC Should Set Trading Limits 
2009/07/28 Newspaper / On-line Media CFTC hears conflicting calls over position limits Christopher Doering Reuters CFTC 
2009/07/28 Testimony Testimony, The 2008 Energy Commodity Bubble Sean Cota CFTC The 2008 Energy Commodity Bubble 
2009/07/22 Newspaper / On-line Media CFTC schedules hearing on energy position limits, exemptions Staff Oil & Gas Journal Regulating Energy Commodities 
2009/07/13 Newspaper / On-line Media State set to receive energy funding Chris Garofolo Brattleboro Reformer (VT)  Brattleboro Reformer Interview on Energy Funding 
2009/06/10 Newspaper / On-line Media Cota: Speculation Drives Up Oil Prices Howard Weiss-Tisman Brattleboro Reformer  
2009/02/03 Newspaper / On-line Media BF fuel dealer testifies in D.C. Chris Garofolo Brattleboro Reformer (VT)   
2009/02/03 Testimony Testimony before the House Agricultural Committee Sean Cota US House of Representatives Testimony before the House Agricultural Committee 
2009/01/12 Newspaper / On-line Media Did Speculation Fuel Oil Price Swings? CBS Staff 2:58 PM Jan 12, 2009 WIBW Radio  
2009/01/11 TV Appearance Did Speculation Fuel Oil Price Swings 60 Minutes CBSNews  
2009/01/09 Newspaper / On-line Media 60 Minutes Piece On Energy Speculation Jim Collura NEON: NEFI Energy Online News  
2008/10/22 Newspaper / On-line Media Heating oil contracts signed at peak now haunt Dave Gram Boston Globe (AP Wire)  
2008/09/10 Newspaper / On-line Media NH gas, oil prices plummet. Market turbulence spurs drop in cost Bill Kirk , Business editor Eagle Times  
2008/07/17 Newspaper / On-line Media As Prices Soar, Fuel Oil Sellers Leary of Pre-Buy Options Kathryn Flagg Addison County Independent Cota urged the CFTC to impose aggregate position limits  
2008/07/10 Newspaper / On-line Media Higher Margins Considered to Curb Commodity Speculation Carolyn Cui Wall Street Journal  
2008/07/07 Radio Appearance Delegation wants to double home heating assistance Ross Sneyd Vermont Public Radio VPR Interview 
2008/07/02 Newspaper / On-line Media Congress may hit dry hole over oil speculators Tom Doggett and Joanne Morrison Reuters Congress May Hit Dry Hole 
2008/06/12 Newspaper / On-line Media GAS: Speculation driving rising prices? Justin Schneider The Herald Bulletin, Anderson IN  
2008/06/11 Newspaper / On-line Media In high-tech town meeting, Welch finds energy concerns Josh O'Gorman Rutland Herald/Times Argus  
2008/06/11 Newspaper / On-line Media $250 or bust: oil baffles experts The Calgary Herald  
2008/06/11 Newspaper / On-line Media Task force to probe role of speculators McLatchy Newspapers Erie Times-News (PA)   
2008/06/11 Newspaper / On-line Media US govt steps up review of oil,commods price surge Joanne Morrison and Tom Doggett Reuters India  
2008/06/10 Newspaper / On-line Media Oil price to keep soaring - or fall to earth: analysts Staff, Calgary Herald The Calgary Herald  
2008/06/10 Newspaper / On-line Media Government steps up review of oil, commods price surge Joanne Morrison and Tom Doggett Reuters  
2008/04/14 Newspaper / On-line Media How to maximize LIHEAP dollars Matt Cota Brattleboro Reformer Maximizing LIHEAP dollars 
2008/04/03 Newspaper / On-line Media Congress told speculators not driving up oil price Tom Doggett Reuters Associated Press Article 
2008/04/03 Testimony Testimony Before the United States Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources Sean Cota US Senate  
2008/04/03 Newspaper / On-line Media US lawmakers mull boosting crude oil margin rules Chris Baltimore Reuters Reuters Article 
2008/01/20 Newspaper / On-line Media Pressure mounts for new controls on oil futures speculators Shawn McCarthy The (Toronto) Globe And Mail  
2007/12/13 Newspaper / On-line Media BF fuel dealer takes aim at energy traders Evan Lehmann, Reformer Washington Bureau Brattleboro Reformer (VT)   
2007/12/12 Testimony Testimony before the United States House of Representatives Committee on Energy & Commerce Subcommittee for Oversight & Investigations Sean Cota US House of Representatives  
2007/11/05 Newspaper / On-line Media Winter Heating Crisis Looms John Fialka Wall Street Journal Wall Street Journal Report 
2007/11/01 Radio Appearance Fuel oil prices on the rise John Dillon Vermont Public Radio VPR Interview 
2007/10/01 Report Report on the Oversight of Trading on Regulated Futures Exchanges and Exempt Commercial Markets CFTC Investigative Report Report on the Oversight of Trading on Regulated Futures Exchanges and Exempt Commercial Markets 
2007/09/27 Newspaper / On-line Media Planning saves oil money this winter Andy McKeever Bennington Banner  
2007/09/18 Testimony Testimony before the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Need for Transparency in Dark Markets. Sean Cota CFTC  
2007/08/01 Magazine Article words energy consumer Sean Cota president of the New England Fuel Institute told a Senate subcommittee Staff National Petroleum News  
2007/07/29 Newspaper / On-line Media Gasoline gambling: Speculation and lack of oversight blamed for spiking prices Bill Kirk , Business editor, North Andover, MA  
2007/07/01 Testimony Excessive Speculation in the Natural Gas Market Sean Cota US Senate, Staff Report Permanent Subcommittee on Invstigations  
2007/06/26 Newspaper / On-line Media Former Hedge Fund Gas Trader Disputes Report on High Prices Alan Zibel The Washington Post  
2007/06/25 Testimony Testimony before the Committee on Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations Sean Cota Magazine Testimony for Committee on Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations 
2007/04/01 Newspaper / On-line Media Home heating tax spurs controversy, conservation David Gram, Associated Press Rutland Herald/Times Argus  
2007/03/21 Newspaper / On-line Media Matt Cota to lead state's fuel dealers Howard Weiss-Tisman Brattleboro Reformer  
2007/01/29 Newspaper / On-line Media Dealers Share Pain Of Prepaid Oil's Ups, Downs .Sellers Locked In... David Gram, AP Bangor Daily News Dealers share pain 
2007/01/27 Newspaper / On-line Media For many, prebuying fuel oil didn't pay off David Gram, Associated Press Rutland Herald/Times Argus  
2006/12/09 Newspaper / On-line Media Heating oil rises by 4.8 percent The Associated Press Rutland Herald/Times Argus  
2006/10/20 Newspaper / On-line Media Development group reaches 'milestone' Staff Rutland Herald/Times Argus  
2006/10/08 Newspaper / On-line Media Fuel dealers: Don't blame us, we're local guys Kevin O'Connor Rutland Herald/Times Argus  
2006/09/23 Newspaper / On-line Media Fuel oil prices not likely to drop soon Andy Rosen Brattleboro Reformer  
2006/08/02 Newspaper / On-line Media Pump costs stable but oil futures rise Tom Incantalupo Newsday  
2006/06/11 Newspaper / On-line Media Oil prices to ‘jump’ with pre-buy op Bruce Edwards Rutland Herald/Times Argus  
2006/06/06 Newspaper / On-line Media Area residents already worried about winter fuel prices Darry Madden Brattleboro Reformer (VT)   
2006/05/30 Newspaper / On-line Media Stored candlepin memories: Article ID: 4385507 Howard Weiss-Tisman Brattleboro Reformer (VT)   
2006/05/08 Testimony Lessons from Enron: An Oversight Hearing on Gas Prices and Energy Trading Sean Cota US Senate Democratic Policy Committee Hearing  
2005/12/10 Newspaper / On-line Media Vermont fuel prices a mixed bag Bruce Edwards Rutland Herald/Times Argus  
2005/10/08 Newspaper / On-line Media Report: State's planned heating aid not enough Darren M. Allen Vermont Press Bureau  
2005/10/03 Magazine Article The Truth About Oil Jon Birger FORTUNE Magazine  
2005/09/04 Newspaper / On-line Media Sanders wants more federal help AP Wire The Associated Press  
2005/09/04 Newspaper / On-line Media Sanders wants more federal help The Barre Montpelier Times Argus Sanders wants more federal help 
2005/09/01 Newspaper / On-line Media Sanders calls for federal intervention Louis Porter Rutland Herald/Times Argus  
2005/07/26 Newspaper / On-line Media Steepening oil prices fuel search for alternatives Renewable energy sources are the way of the future Warren Johnston The Valley News  
2005/06/27 Newspaper / On-line Media Cold thoughts in hot weather: Heating oil prices increasing ; Users may see bills rise again this winter: Article ID: 3035847 Barbara Hagenbaugh USA Today  
2005/06/26 Newspaper / On-line Media Cold thoughts in hot weather: Heating oil prices … Staff USA Today  
2005/04/01 Magazine Article Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center, Boston May 10-11, 2005 Staff Fuel Oil News  
2005/04/01 Magazine Article VFDA becomes official member of the PMAA. Staff Fuel Oil News  
2004/12/22 Newspaper / On-line Media Springfield, Vt., chambers fear neighboring rivals' industrial progress. Staff Eagle Times  
2004/10/13 Newspaper / On-line Media Hopefuls sound off at candidate forum Carolyn Handy Rutland Herald/Times Argus  
2004/07/20 Newspaper / On-line Media Towns grappling with unpredictable oil prices Claude R. Marx Vermont Press Bureau Rutland Herald/Times Argus  
2004/06/30 TV Appearance High Oil Prices May Mean Higher Heating Costs Staff WNNE  
2004/04/01 Magazine Article  New England Fuel Institute offers "Masters" program. Staff Fuel Oil News  
2004/01/28 Newspaper / On-line Media Committee to meet on dam purchase Brendan McKenna Rutland Herald/Times Argus  
2004/01/27 Newspaper / On-line Media Fire, propane shortage cause price increase Anne Wallace Allen Rutland Herald/Times Argus  
2004/01/16 Newspaper / On-line Media Region shivers in bitter cold James Pentland Brattleboro Reformer  
2004/01/07 Newspaper / On-line Media Rockingham revives old advisory board Howard Weiss-Tisman Brattleboro Reformer  
2003/10/29 Newspaper / On-line Media Official Says Vermont Economy Will Stagnate without Permit Reform. Dan Bustard  Eagle Times, N.H. Knight Ridder/Tribune Business New  
2003/09/01 Magazine Article A rousing success: NEFI's "oilheat revolution" had thousands marching on Boston.(New England Fuel Institute ) Staff Fuel Oil News  
2003/08/12 Newspaper / On-line Media Fuel companies strengthen diesel imports. COMTEX South American Business Information  
2003/02/01 Magazine Article Profile in Business: Sean Cota: Doing it the Old Yankee Way Joyce Marcel Vermont Business Magazine Sean Cota: Profile in Business 
2001/11/12 Newspaper / On-line Media Business briefs Staff Brattleboro Reformer  
2001/10/03 Newspaper / On-line Media Heating fuel prices falling Associated Press Rutland Herald/Times Argus  
2001/07/30 Magazine Article Energy Assistance Greg Mazurkiewicz Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News  
2000/12/29 Newspaper / On-line Media For Heating Oil Firm in Vermont, Now Is the Winter of Discontent John Fialka Wall Street Journal  
2000/11/08 Newspaper / On-line Media Voters find many reasons to head to polls Patrick Armstrong & Erin George Brattleboro Reformer (VT)   
2000/09/25 Newspaper / On-line Media Many seek stable oil prices Tom Mitchell Rutland Herald/Times Argus  
2000/09/01 Magazine Article Energy secretary tells NEFI inventory levels too low. Staff Fuel Oil News  
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